Yesterday we made dinosaur eggs, and today they are dry and ready to hatch! I think I may actually be more excited about hatching the eggs than Kora is!

We took our dinosaur eggs outside, and built a nest to put them in.  Kora loves playing with rocks so this was probably her favorite part!

To hatch the eggs we used an eye dropper and some vinegar.  Each squirt of vinegar would cause the baking soda egg to bubble up and slowly start to break down.

A little patience is required for this step as it takes a while to break down the egg enough to actually get the dinosaur out. Kora did a pretty good job of using the eye dropper today.  The steps were pretty repetitive – fill it up and squirt it out.

When she finally hatched a dinosaur – a T-rex – she was super excited.  She had to show me what a dinosaur says, “Roar!” It was the sweetest sounding “Roar!” I’ve ever heard.

Kora hatched one more egg – a pteranodon – before running off to play with rocks.  She really enjoyed hatching the eggs, but the eye dropper made the process a little tedious.  Since we still have six more eggs, I’ll have to think of a different approach to hatching the eggs.  I have a squirt bottle that I could fill with vinegar.  Kora would be able to squirt the vinegar on the eggs with a little more pressure which should make the dinosaur hatch a little faster.

Making Dino Eggs and Hatching Dino Eggs has been a fun experiment.  Since I’ve never created these baking soda eggs before I was a little nervous about how they would turn out, but I can honestly say that I was quite pleased with our result. And I’m kinda glad that Kora only hatched 2 of our 8 eggs.  I can use the others to keep her busy on another day!