Today’s activity is brought to you by the word Nature. We were all about exploring nature today. 
Kora and I started off with a nature walk. With our zip-lock collection bag in hand, we set off in search of nature. Her first stop was to pick up some rocks. She would have filled her baggie with the rocks if I hadn’t have stopped her. 

We walked around for about 20 minutes collecting flowers, leaves, and grass. Then we headed home to make our Nature Picture. 

I cut out the center of a sheet of card stock and placed it on top of the sticky side of a sheet of contact paper. Now that we had a frame for our picture, we were ready to start sticking our nature down. 

Kora stuck one leaf onto her contact paper before reaching for her rocks. She loves those rocks and really wanted them on her picture. I kept taking the rocks off, telling Kora that the rocks were too big and weren’t going to stick to her picture. She picked up her picture to prove to me that the rock wouldn’t fall off. Clever girl!

I eventually convinced Kora to leave the rocks off and to continue adding the flowers and leaves to her paper. She kept repeating “Nature Picture” over and over again as she worked. 

Lila kept pulling on Kora’s dress – I guess she wanted to help!

Once Kora had added all her nature, we added a second piece of card stock as a backing for our picture. Kora felt the need to stand on the backing to make sure it was really stuck down. 

We both enjoyed making our Nature Picture today. It was a great way to get outside and to express ourselves creatively.