What do you do when your child loves to paint and loves to play with rocks? Why you paint rocks of course! I’m not talking about painting pet rocks or anything fancy like that. I’m just talking about using a rock as our canvas and just covering it with paint!

We grabbed our paints and a couple of rocks from outside and then we were ready to get started.  I poured several little dollops of paint out and then handed Kora a paint brush. 

She started off painting one of the rocks pink. Then she switched to painting the other rock green. She continued to change colors and alternate rocks, but she kept painting the same spot on each rock. 

After a few minutes of painting both rocks, she decided that I needed to paint one of the rocks. When she saw me painting other parts of the rocks, she branched out too. 

Once she was satisfied with the paint coverage on her rock she started painting the paper. She didn’t want to stop painting until she had used all the paint up. 

Rock Painting was a very enjoyable activity and the rocks actually look pretty cool once they dried. I’m starting to wonder what else we can paint.