For the last couple of weeks I’ve been saving the caps off plastic drink bottles. I haven’t really had a plan for these caps; I just thought I could eventually use them for some craft or project. Today I decided we would pretend they were hockey pucks and play Bottle Cap Hockey. 

A tissue box with one of its sides cut out makes a perfect hockey goal. Kora laid down on the floor about four feet from the goal and started trying to flick the puck into the goal. 

She would give the puck a little push and it would slide about four inches. She would then army crawl to the puck and give it another little push. This would continue until she reached the goal. 

At some point while we were playing Kora found my bag full of bottle caps and decided she needed to play with all of them. 

I honestly don’t know if Kora had more fun playing Bottle Cap Hockey or if I had more fun watching her. Her little celebration each time she scored a goal was just too cute! 

Kora and I had a great time playing Bottle Cap Hockey today. My favorite part about today’s game was not the simplicity of the game or the fact that we were basically playing with recyclables. Those things are awesome, but my favorite part has to be how this game can be used to practice sharing and taking turns. Kora kept making sure that I got my turn to play too. My sweetie pie!