On a roadtrip with my family, I drove past a road sign that indicated that Sour Lake, Texas was 11 miles away.  I joked with my husband that I wouldn’t want to live in a place called Sour Lake.  A couple of hours later, we came upon a sign for Plaquemine, Louisiana and my husband asked me if I’d rather live in Plaquemine.

While I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I am solely judging these towns by their name.  I have nothing against either town, and I’m sure they are both lovely places to live.  I just find the names of the towns to be unappealing and yet a little amusing.

Knowing there had to be other towns with humorous names, I decided to do a little digging.  Here is my Top 15  list of Places I Don’t Want to Live (based on name alone!).

  1. Toadsuck, Arkansas
  2. Slaughter Beach, Delaware
  3. Sopchoppy, Florida
  4. Waldo, Florida  – I could just imagine meeting someone and telling them I was from Waldo.  “Where’s Waldo?” they would ask. That would get old.
  5. Grimes, Alabama
  6. Grosse Tete, Louisiana
  7. Licking, Missouri – Who’s doing the licking?
  8. Nag’s Head, North Carolina
  9. Coward, South Carolina
  10. Yellville, Arkansas
  11. Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania
  12. Eek, Alaska
  13. Between, Georgia – I imagine the conversation about telling where you live goes something like an Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” act.
  14. Blandville, Kentucky
  15. Boring, Oregon – This place does not sound fun.


While I was looking at maps and names of cities and towns, a few names struck me as curious:

  • There seems to be as many states with a town called Baldwin as there are Baldwin brothers.  And there are a lot of Baldwin brothers.
  • There is a town in the state of Wisconsin called Wyoming (which is also the name of a state).  It could be quite confusing to tell someone that you are from Wyoming when you are actually from Wisconsin.
  • California is home to a town named Zzyzx.  What is that about?
  • Fifty-Six is the name of a town in Arkansas.
  • Pennsylvania has several names that I find funny – Forty Fort, Hop Bottom, and Moosic (which sounds like a Sandra Boynton book to me) are my favorites.
  • Florida is home to a town named Howey-in-the-Hills.  I’d like to know more about this Howey guy.
  • We all know of Paris, France and Miami, Florida, but are you familiar with Paris, Idaho or Miami, Arizona? People might get excited to hear that you live in Paris until you tell them that you live in Paris, Idaho.
  • I also wonder about the feelings of the single people living in Romance, Arkansas.  Or the extraordinary people living in Normal, Illinois.


While I started off thinking that these were places that I didn’t want to live, I’m now very curious about all of these places and kinda want to visit them all!