Monthly Archives: August 2017

Today I want to brag about a couple of the women in my life.  All of the women in my life are truly amazing people with their own unique strengths and talents, but I need to brag about two of them in particular.

Let me tell you a little about these two women – Megan is my brother’s wife and Sara is my husband’s sister.  They are both busy moms of three children. Megan has three boys and Sara has three girls.  And they are both insanely crafty and talented.

Within the last week (and within three days of each other!), both women have taken the next step towards expanding their home businesses:

Check out Megan’s website More Times and her Facebook page.

Check out Sara’s Etsy shop and her Facebook page.


Here are a few things Megan and Sara have given my girls – pineapple and monkey hat, dinosaur tail, personalized onesie, personalized stuffed animal, and a custom order Man in Yellow Hat with Giraffe spots cake!


I so thankful to have both of these women in my life, and I am so proud of what they are doing.  Please go check out their websites and Facebook pages (and share, share, share!)