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My husband recently read me some startling statistics that he saw posted on Facebook:

  • One-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.
  • 42% of college graduates never read another book after college.
  • 80% of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year


Even though I know Facebook is a completely reliable source and everything I read on it is true, I went ahead and did a quick Google search. All I could find was a couple of websites quoting the same statistics, but I could’t find the original source.  The statistics are said to be from a 2003 survey from the Jenkins Group.  I decided I could either spend my limited (and precious) time while my young girls are napping to research further or I could just accept the statistics as the truth.  As I’m using these stats for a blog post and not for a graduate thesis, I’m just accepting it as truth.


But I really, really hope it’s not true. It’s can’t be true.  It just can’t! I mean, how can people not EVER read a book again after high school or college?  If these statistics are true, I pray that it’s not taking children’s books into consideration and that people are still reading books to the children.


By no means am I one of those people that read 52 books a year or more (well, I can easily read that in a month if we’re talking about books I read to my girls!), but I do try to read at least one book a month.  It’s not always easy with two small children, but I try my best.

Even though I prefer to read physical books over e-books, I don’t buy books for a couple of reasons.  For starters, there is only a small chance that I will reread a book and secondly, I don’t like storing books.  They take up so much space on my shelves.  Instead of buying books, I use the public library.

I am fortunate that I have an awesome library system! I can go online and make a request for a book.  Once the book is available, it is pulled from the shelf and reserved for me.  All I have to do is walk straight to the checkout desk and pick up my book. It makes my life easier!

The second floor of our library is pretty much dedicated to little kids – all the children’s books are up there along with a play area.  Being away from the main library, the kids can play and I don’t have to worry about them being too loud and bothering other people.


I had some books to pick up today so I took the girls to play for a little bit.  As the girls are playing, I started browsing through the aisles of chapter books.  There are so many books that catch my eye! These are books for children and yet I want to read them! It is then that I make a decision – I want to start a book club that reads children’s books.

I’ve never started a book club or even been in a book club for that matter.  I don’t know if anyone I know will be interested, but I’m going to start asking around.  I’m hoping to find at least a couple of people who also enjoy children’s literature. We can read classics like Charlotte’s Web and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or silly books like Junie B Jones.   There are so many books to choose from.

I am posting this here as a way to hold myself accountable:  I am going to start a children’s literature book club this year.  There I said it.  It’s out there for all the world to see, so now I have to do it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!