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So the most ridiculous thing happened yesterday.  I put Lila down to sleep, and then I went outside for a little walk (I had to make sure I got my steps in for the day!), leaving my husband inside with Kora. They both enjoy their father daughter time in the evenings.

Fast forward to later in the evening when Kora is sleeping soundly in her bed.  Thomas informs me that Kora and gotten her hands on my phone and she had gone around the house taking pictures.  This is not the first time she’s done this.  She likes to take pictures of anything and everything she sees.  It’s actually quite funny to watch her as she’s snapping away – she has to get very close to the object she’s shooting and she’s talking the whole time as if she’s coaching the subject in order to get the best shot.

I grab my phone so I can look through the pictures she took.  I wanted to see our house through her eyes.  To my amazement, she only took about 150 pictures – I was expecting more.  There were pictures of her toys and pictures of shoes – outsides of shoes and insides of shoes. She took pictures of cabinets and got a good shot of our laundry hamper. She even got a picture of the inside of the toilet bowl! I’m just glad she didn’t drop my phone as she was getting that shot!  Many pictures were a little blurry and some of the pictures were just a total blur.  Kora did manage to get a smiling picture of her dad – “Say cheese!”

There were a series of pictures that made me giggle.  My husband explained that Kora got a little frustrated that she couldn’t take a picture of the mirror.  Because she takes close-ups, all she was capturing was herself holding the phone! I guess you can call that a selfie!

Then there was one picture that stumped us.  We could tell that it said ‘DEXTER’, but we could not tell what it was.  My curiosity was piqued, so I started searching for the mysterious object.  After several minutes of searching, my husband joined in on the effort.


We searched everywhere, but we couldn’t find Dexter.  We were baffled, yet determined to find it.  We were laughing so hard because Kora had stumped us.  We even joked that we were going to wake her up to help us solve the mystery! It was completely bizarre.  We searched for half an hour before we finally found Dexter.  She had taken a closeup of the embossed logo on the front door.  It sounds a little silly, but I felt a strange sense of accomplishment once we solved the mystery of Dexter.

It was the most ridiculous scavenger hunt unknowingly created by a three year old.  I’m thinking that I’ll start using this as a new activity for us to play. Kora can take pictures of things and then I have to go find what she photographed.  I know she would enjoy it, and I hope she can continue to challenge me like she did with Dexter.

Have your kids ever unknowingly challenged you?


I’m trying to write today’s blog post, but I have zero ideas on what to write. As I sit here and think, my daughter sitting next to me is watching Wild Kratts, or as she likes to call it, The Kratt Brothers.  She asks me what I’m doing and I tell her that I’m trying to write but my brain is blocked.  I ask her what I should write and she rattled off a list of things to write about:

  • snow
  • Kratt Brothers
  • house
  • lamp
  • tv
  • refrigerator
  • ice
  • more ice

She then proceeded to take my computer and start typing:









Not bad for her first blog post.

Kora is very familiar with listing items and expecting me to incorporate them all into one story.  This is one of our naptime/bedtime rituals.  After we read a story, she will give me a list of items and I will make up a story.  Sometimes she expects me to draw the story on her back as I’m telling it. Spoiled, I know!

I love this ritual of ours for several reasons:

  1. Sometimes the items on Kora’s list can be difficult to string together, but it’s a fun challenge. It’s a mental exercise for me – puts my brain to work.
  2. Kora gets to be a participant in this creative process – she gets to decide what the story is about.
  3. I get to spend some quality time with my child – She’s all snuggled up in bed and wanting her story. This is as much a part of her bedtime routine as brushing her teeth.  It’s important to her so it’s important to me.


So now without further ado I give you a little snippet of tonight’s bedtime story:


Once upon a time the Kratt Brothers were crawling on the forest floor searching for bugs. They found a baby ladybug and activated their creature powers.  In their ladybug creature suits, the brothers flew around and around until their little wings were tired and they needed to stop to rest.  They stopped on a leaf and quickly fell asleep.  When they woke up the brothers discovered that it had started to snow.  It was too cold on the leaf for the ladybugs so they flew to a nearby house to get warm.  The house was very dark so the Kratt Brothers started looking for a lamp.  Chris couldn’t find a lamp, but he found a tv.  Martin couldn’t find a lamp, but he found a refrigerator.  The brothers decided they wanted to watch a show and eat some yummy food.  But when they opened the fridge, all they found was ice….and more ice.  The Kratt Brothers didn’t want to eat ice, so they deactivated their ladybug suits, walked home to the Tortuga and ate some pizza.

The End





























You know those optical illusions where the image can be two different things depending on how you look at it? The man is facing forward. No, he’s facing to the side. Now he’s facing to the front again!

Well, today’s activity is sort of like one of these illusions. Sometimes we were cooking and other times we were drumming! Today Kora was visiting her cousins and her cousins’ cousins. My sister-in-law grabbed a plastic bowl and spoon from the kitchen so her toddler could cook. Once Kora came in and saw what was going on, we needed another bowl and spoon. One bowl and one spoon was NOT going to be enough for these two head strong girls! 

One of the uncles came in and showed the girls how to flip over their bowl to make a drum. Just like a man to turn a nice quiet activity into one filled with noise. 

Throughout the afternoon Kora returned to the bowl and spoon. Sometimes she cooked:

Sometimes she drummed:

Sometimes she drummed on other people’s drums! 

One of the older cousins pretended alongside the younger girls for a while. Here they are watching their cakes baking in the oven. 

Whether she was making music or cooking food, Kora was having a ball! I was loving the fact that she was playing happily with just a bowl and spoon! Way to use your imagination Kora! This makes me want to give her random objects and see what she will do with them.

“Again, again!”
 I hear these words A LOT! I have to make sure that if I do something silly with Kora that I am prepared to repeat it over and over again. It’s amazing how you can repeat the same thing what feels like a million times and kids don’t tire of it. 

This morning before breakfast, Kora was playing on the couch. I started pretending I was really tired – yawning and stretching my arms. I narrated that I was so sleepy and was going to go lay on the couch. 

I walk over to the couch, pretending I can’t see Kora (she has a huge grin on her face, waiting to see what I’m going to do). I start to sit and as soon as I make contact with her she starts to giggle. I jump up and squeal, “I didn’t see you!” This makes her laugh again. 

“Again! Again!” We replay the scene over and over. After probably the tenth time or so, I started to make breakfast. I hear Kora asking for something, but I’m not understanding her two year old words. Then it hit me. She was saying, “Sleep on me.” How cute is that? And how could I refuse?

She started hiding under my nursing pillow, so after laying on her I would scream “What are you doing under my pillow?!” She was eating my overacting up! 

The longer we played the longer she could go before laughing. I always waited until she made noise before I ‘woke up’. Sometimes I would start snoring which really got her giggling. 

I only managed to get a couple of pictures since this activity was really Mommy doing all the playing! Even though it was very repetitive, I enjoyed every giggle and smile from my baby this morning. Try this with your little one and they too will be asking for more: “Sleep on me!”

My husband and I, along with our two girls, recently moved into an RV and we are in the process of getting our old house ready (cleaned/painted) for renters. The house is mostly empty; only a few things remain that haven’t been moved yet. 

Two of Kora’s cousins came over today to play with Kora while I was prepping the walls for paint. They found a box that contained a variety of racquets and that’s how Imaginary Tennis got started. 

Each girl got a racquet and we divided into two teams. I served the ball like I was one of the Williams sisters. Was my serve an ace like I was expecting (I mean, I’m playing against two little girls whose combined age is six)? Nope. Would you believe that BOTH girls returned my serve?!?

The great thing about Imaginary Tennis. No one ever misses the ball. All serves go over the net and the ball never goes out of bounds! It’s so much fun. 

While we were playing there was a lot of “I got it!” as the girls hit the ball. They also made sound effects as the ball hit their racquet! 

I have always thought that I would try to get Kora interested in competitive swimming when she gets older, but we might have to try tennis out. Check out her stance! She might be a natural!

She always keeps her eye on the ball and she has a powerful swing. 

I must admit that I had just as much fun playing Imaginary Tennis as the girls did. We will definitely have to try out some other imaginary games in the future – catch, double Dutch, volleyball, etc. I love the idea of being able to play without the need of any toys (We don’t have to have the racquets to play). Then you could play anywhere anytime!