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I hear the question “Picnic Party?” at least once a day but usually more like two or three times. Kora loves to play with the food from her kitchen set and is constantly asking me to play with her. I’m not sure why she calls it a party but I think it’s cute. 

We pretty much play the same way every time. In fact, I usually get corrected if I try to change things. For example, the green plates are for me and Kora. Don’t try to give a green plate to a stuffed friend that might be picnicking with us – they get one of the smaller plates. 

Today we played Picnic Party with a new friend, Shirley. Shirley is an Oogarella that was gifted to Kora from some close friends living in California, Alex and Lee. Lee, as it so happens, is a “claw-machine phenom” and he won this purple monster for Kora. They have become fast friends and are now picnicking together frequently. 

Eggs are a staple at our Picnic Parties. Here’s Kora shaking salt and pepper on our cooking egg. 

We also drink a lot of tea and lemonade. The rule about drinks is that if you drink out of one of the small cups, you need a flower saucer to set your cup on. 

I’m not sure if Shirley was refusing to eat but Kora felt the need to shove egg in Shirley’s face. 

I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted of our Picnic Party – Kora wanted me playing instead of taking pictures. I will say it is more fun to be in the moment and play with Kora in her world! 

What I really loved about Shirley joining us today was that she helped us clean up! Kora would ask Shirley to pick something up, and then she would take the monster’s hand and help her pick up and put the toy away. It did take a lot longer to clean up, but it was more fun this way. Kora even asked Shirley for a high-five when they were through cleaning! Then she grabbed Shirley’s hand and Shirley gave Kora a high-five. 

Playing Picnic Party is one of Kora’s favorite things to do right now. She gets so happy when either my husband or I play with her. And I get happy seeing her so excited about playing pretend.