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Everyday I watch my two daughters play and see the pure joy in their eyes – playing all day without a care in the world.  I love to listen to them giggle as they play together.  It just warms the cockles of my heart.

Sometimes I wish I could live my life without worry.  I want to live in the moment instead of thinking about my growing to-do list.  It’s easy to be in the moment during the eventful days – birthdays, vacations, zoo trips, etc.  It’s far harder to be truly present during uneventful days.  And there are far more uneventful days in the year.

So, what am I going to do about it? I’m going to make life more fun.  I’m going to start celebrating the nothing days.  (I guess it’s because Mary Tyler Moore just recently passed away, but I’ve got the theme song of her show stuck in my head and I think it’s fitting for this post.)
“Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
Well it’s you girl, and you should know it”                 – Sonny Curtis

I’m going to start taking nothing days and making them seem worthwhile. How am I going to do that you ask? I’m going to not only celebrate traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m going to start celebrating the silly holidays like Talk like a Pirate Day on September 19th.


A quick Google search generated approximately 18,400,000 results in 0.59 seconds. It is unreasonable to think that I can celebrate one of these obscure holidays everyday, but I do want to try to celebrate at least one a month.

Depending on the holiday, my family might go all out with our celebration – decorations, crafts, etc – or we may just go to Sonic to eat a corn dog on Corn Dog Day.

I’m hoping that these little celebrations of the everyday will help me be more engaged with my children during the humdrum days.  I like to think that they will add a little spice to our life!

This past week I saw this post by Sandra Boynton, (I follow her because I love to see her random cartoons pop up on my Facebook feed) and I decided that this would be our first silly holiday to celebrate.


So how should we celebrate National Peanut Butter Day? With a toast to peanut butter, of course!  I mean, with peanut butter toast, of course! Kora and I made toast and slathered it with peanut butter.  I have to say that I had never eaten peanut butter toast before, but I will be eating it again.  Delicious!


And messy! I should have known to fix Kora’s hair before eating our toast! She had peanut butter everywhere! Shirt? Check! Hair? Check! But it was a fun way to start our day!

img_6959  img_6958

I fully intend to celebrate many more of these silly holidays with my family and then report back to you here. And I suggest you do the same thing.  Make life more fun by celebrating some silly holidays!